Career opportunities

Master of Science in Physical Activity and Health

Career opportunities

So-called life-style diseases have been increasing massively all over the world in the last decades and are still on the rise. In addition, the population keeps getting older, demanding that workers can maintain their work ability longer, and that people in stay healthier as they age. Hence, knowledge and skills within the area of physical activity and health is highly relevant and of increasing importance in all countries and societies, and in several fields.

Here are some examples of jobs that students on the Master`s programme have obtained:

  • PhD candidate
  • Researcher
  • Research assistant
  • Exercise therapist
  • Advisor or coordinator in various organizations
  • Sports scientist or Physical trainer in various sports clubs
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher

If you have a bachelor`s degree qualifying for a certain job (for example, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse), taking this MSc might improve your career opportunities in that area.