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Physical Activity and Health - Master's programme, Trondheim

Study start

Welcome as a new student at NTNU! Here you can see what happens during the first period of studies. 

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Study start for the master's programme in Physical Activity and Health


Orientation meeting 19 August

Welcome to the orientation meeting for the master's programme in Physical Activity and Health Monday 19 August at 10:15 in Helgasetr, room OY-HS 03-058 at campus Øya

Mandatory attendance

Orientation meeting attendance is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, you must give advance notice of this through our digital form.

The orientation meeting will introduce you to the study programme leader, the student advisor and your fellow students, and practical information about the courses will be given.

Orientation week

The Office of International Relations organizes an orientation programme for new international students, called Orientation week, which starts 12 August. You will get to know NTNU, your city and other international students in fun ways, and learn everything you need to know to get started in Norway and settle in at NTNU. We encourage all to attend!

All new students are welcome to attend Fadderuka. It will give you an easier everyday life the first weeks at NTNU. All new students can participate, and you get to know your fellow students from day one.

SOMA is the student organization for master's students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. They will organize a welcoming program for the new students and the senior students for the upcoming semester, starting this August. This will help the students to communicate and get to know each other. We intend to arrange the program after the University orientation week. More information is available on SOMA's Facebook page

The first semester of the study plan for MSc in Physical Activity and Health consists of three mandatory courses as well as an elective. It is crucial that you read up on the different electives and make a preliminary choice of which to attend before the orientation meeting, as the first lecture in your chosen elective might be given the same day or later the same week. 

Look up your study plan here, then: 

  1. Select your specialization to see your mandatory courses 
    1. Log on to StudentWeb 
    2. Register for lectures and exam in your mandatory courses 
    3. Confirm your educational plan 
  2. Read through the listed elective courses 
    1. Make a note of the course(s) you want to follow (this might come as a question on the orientation meeting) 
  3. Further information about the courses are given in the learning platform Blackboard. You gain access to specific courses in Blackboard after registering in StudentWeb.  

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Find out how to get to campus, learn about student organizations and -activities at NTNU and who to contact if you have special needs 

Find out where you are and where you want to go

The MazeMap app will guide you to the different buildings and lecture rooms on campus.  Download the MazeMap app for Android (Google Play) and iPhone (AppStore). Web-browser-link to Mazemap.

Take the bus if you can

Since parking spaces at campus are limited, we recommend that you use public transport to get to campus.

Public transport in Trondheim ( 

If you have any special needs, NTNU can provide several support services. Read more about the disability office.

1315778581 - Engelsk - Fellesinfo til studieprogram som ikke har politiattest/helseattester

You must register and pay semester fee to get access to the timetable, syllabus literature and other learning resources and to submit the non-disclosure agreement:

To get access to timetables, the learning management system and other NTNU-systems, you need to have an active user account. This requires registering and paying the semester fee.

You can register as soon as you have received the welcome e-mail from NTNU

In the arrival checklist you can find out how to create a user account and other things you need to take care of before and during the semester start.

Arrival Checklist for Norwegian/Nordic students


You will find your timetable in the timetable system TP. You will gain access to TP when you have payed the semester fee, created a user account and registered for courses.

You can also search for course timetables here. please contact the department responsible for the course if the timetable is not present.

Syllabus literature

The syllabus literature is available through the the Learning management system Blackboard once you have registered as a student with the program.

NTNU's Intranet

All students at the Faculty of Medicine have to sign a non-disclosure agreement protocol.

By signing this protocol, you promise to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that personal data relating to patients or sensitive research data will be kept confidential.

You need to be registered as a student and have an active user-account at NTNU to get access to the protocol.

Sign the non-disclosure agreement protocol and hand it in electronically by 15th September.

How to learn Norwegian

NTNU has various part-time classes to help you learn Norwegian as a second language, including a free online course. 

Exchange students can join a 3-week intensive summer course in August. The course includes several day-trips in the surroundings of Trondheim, and a weekend-excursion to nearby mountains.

1315815597 - MH-Checklist New international students

For new international students

Register for courses, create a user account, connect to wireless network etc.

Arrival checklist

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