Information Security

PhD (Doctoral education)

Information Security

– Admission requirements


The minimum requirements for admission to the Ph.D. programme is the equivalent of a Norwegian (European) two-year M.Sc. degree relevant to the field of study with at least a 'B' (on a scale from A (best) to F) average. The Master's thesis must have grade A or B. However, the admissions board may also decide to conditionally admit candidates not satisfying all of these requirements.

Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English.

How to Apply

Applications are generally encouraged to proceed in two stages. The first stage serves to assess the research interests and capabilities, and to match successful candidates with suitable supervisors. If successful, a preliminary acceptance into the programme is offered.

The second stage of the process consists mainly of the elaboration of a detailed research proposal and plan in collaboration with the supervisor, which will then be considered formally by the Admissions Board; the preliminary stage must not last for more than six months.

For the first application stage, basic information and documentation is collected to ensure eligibility for the programme, but in addition further information is helpful and should be provided by applicants in the form of a statement containing:

  • Reasons for application and desire to study towards a Ph.D. in Information Security,
  • Statement on how the candidate would see himself or herself in the research group,
  • Statement on research areas of interest (this may be accompanied by a brief research proposal, but identifying some area of specialisation is typically sufficient), and
  • Statement identifying potential supervisors based on the respective potential research areas.