Information Security

PhD (Doctoral education)

Information Security

– Programme components


Students are required to take 30 ECTS credit points in taught courses at the Ph.D. level, typically taught in the form of research seminars and
adapted dynamically depending on ongoing research and requirements.

Two courses or their equivalent are mandatory, namely

  • 'Ethics and Legal Aspects of Scientific Research' (IMT 6001), and
  • 'Introduction to Information Security' (IMT 6011)

Up to 10 ECTS credit points may be taken at the M.Sc. level; the choice of modules is made and adjusted as part of individual study plans. It should be noted that the modules may be completed at any time provided that a sufficient number of modules has been completed successfully by the time that the dissertation is submitted. Suitable modules from other colleges and universities may also be credited.

Programme description

See programme description.

Course descriptions

Course descriptions


Course code Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S)
IMT6011 Introduction to Information Security C 5 5
IMT6001 Ethics and Legal Aspects of Scientific Research C 5 5
IMT6021 Foundations of Information Security E   5
IMT6031 Intrusion Detection and Prevention E 5  
IMT6041 Selected Topics in Cryptology E   5
IMT6051 Wireless Communication Security E 5  
IMT6071 Biometrics E   5
IMT6081 Modern Cryptology E 5  
IMT6111 Risk Management I E 5  
IMT6121 Behavioural Biometrics E 5 5
IMT6131 Computational Image Processing E 5 5
IMT6141 Selected topics in Colour Imaging E 5 5
IMT6151 Selected topics in Image Processing E 5 5
IMT6161 Selected Topics in Video Processing E 5 5
IMT6171 Real-time AI for robotics and simulated environments E   5
IMT6181 Selected Topics in Database Systems E   5
IMT6191 Selected Topics in Web-Based Systems E   5
IMT6201 Colour Science E 5 5
IMT6211 Image Quality E 5 5
IMT6221 Mobile Technology E 5 5
IMT6231 Serious Games and Gamification E   5
IMT6251 Quality in Academic Research E 5 5
IMT6261 Scientific Communication E 5 5
IMT6271 Critical Thinking E 5 5
IMT6061 Risk Management II E 5  
IMT6002 COINS Winter School E 3  
IMT6003 COINS Summer School E 3  
IMT6004 COINS Workshop E 1  
IMT6005 COINS Workshop II E 5 5
IMT6006 COINS Workshop III E 5 5
IMT6007 COINS IT Security Exercise E 5  
Sum: 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course