Information Security

PhD (Doctoral education)

Information Security

– Funding and fees

Whilst a limited number of studentships are available from state and industrial sponsors as well as from research project grants, it is not possible to extend studentships to all applicants.

Students may hence also apply whilst being self-funded, but must ensure in this case that they have sufficient funds to complete a Ph.D. study programme. Obtaining external funding is difficult, and candidates are strongly advised to actively explore all available opportunities to secure funding, and note that it may be possible to combine sources of funding.

External funding can be obtained from sources including:

  • Employers: Some employers offer full or part-time support for their employees to complete a Ph.D. research programme.
  • Scholarships: Typically extended by home governments, some charities, and also industry, these must be sought after by applicants individually.
  • Private funding: Some candidates may choose to rely on private funds to support their studies.