The Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability (FYSS)

The Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability (FYSS)


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The Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability is an interdisciplinary network for young researchers at NTNU working with sustainability in their research. 

Considering the interdisciplinary nature and extent of sustainability, it is necessary to develop a broader and multidimensional network of researchers to conceptualize the sustainable solutions for the better world. Recognizing this niche of a common platform for young researchers, NTNU Sustainability presents the Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability (FYSS).

The purpose of FYSS is to share ideas and build interdisciplinary network among the young researchers of NTNU working in close relation to sustainability in their research. NTNU Sustainability envisages that such platform will build creative, constructive and critical values among researchers and pave a way to promote Knowledge for Change.

Photo from World Environment Day Celebrations 2016.



Past events 

15th August 2018 FYSS in collaboration with VISFAS organized a one day Graphics Facilitation course that received an overwhelming response from FYSS members. The course introduced the participants to the concepts of icons, line drawings and insights on how to communicate their scientific research more effectively using simple graphics and drawings. 

13th -15th of June, 2018 FYSS co-hosted a young researchers workshop together with ISDRS group during the 24th Annual SDRS Conference (Messina, Italy). 

27th October 2017 NTNU became an institutional member of the International Sustainable Development Society (ISDRS). The yearly fee is 1500 Euros and gives NTNU 15 free individual memberships. FYSS is administrating this arrangement and has actively promoted the opportunity to PhDs and other early-career researchers. Moreover, FYSS is actively involved in the ISDRS New Professionals Group with the purpose of facilitating international collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

20.10.17 - FYSS Workshop 

05.06.17 - World Environment Day

15.03.17 - FYSS Workshop

24.08.16 - FYSS meeting