The international NTNU Sustainability Science Conference

Knowledge for change

Overcoming the grand societal challenges of our time will require new thinking and new knowledge. That is our strategy. NTNU Sustainability is one of four strategic research areas at NTNU for the period 2014-2023. The programme brings together the best minds from a range of disciplines to create the knowledge needed by society to understand and change unsustainable patterns of behaviour and development. NTNU Sustainability aims to be an international leader. 

NTNU’s research on sustainable development of society includes environmental, economic and social aspects in the broadest sense. More information here.

Past events

Reports from past events can be found here:

Two degree launch 30.11.16 - #ClimateBreakfast

Breakfast seminar 28.10.16 - Grønt skifte, globalt/ lokalt

Green superhero over the city. Photo.



NTNU Sustainability will complete an Action Plan with research activities for the next two years by June. The program is currently led by an interim board with Helge BrattebøJudith Borsboom van BeurdenEspen Moe and Gunnar Austrheim

TreFokus is chosen as one of 25 sustainable building solutions for the Nordic Bioeconomy cases.

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