IT in education

IT in education

NTNU must be internationally competitive and attractive to talented staff and students. IT and digitization change the foundation for education and production of knowledge, and digital and mobile technologies are transforming the way that education is imparted and knowledge is gained.

Education is a core process for NTNU, which will impose greater demands for support of IT and infrastructure in the years ahead.

The project’s overarching purpose is to establish a complete portfolio of digital services and solutions that enable NTNU to develop itself and its teaching staff in harmony with trends and developments in higher education. Essential solutions must be modernized. New services and tools must be established and made easily accessible to students and lecturers, so that this does not become a barrier for lecturers who want to develop and modernize their form of teaching.

Current and future students expect greater use of digital opportunities for gaining knowledge and learning.

To operationalize initiatives and projects, a dedicated programme has been established at NTNU IT – the IT in Education programme. This will ensure a long-term focus and commitment by NTNU in IT in order to meet common needs for development in the area of education.

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12 Oct 2016