Research at Department of Industrial economics and technology management

IØT has widespread research cooperation with other universities and research institutes around the world. The scientific staff participates in many national and international collaborative projects. The department receives numerous guest researchers, and many researchers at IØT are on sabbaticals abroad each year.

Another characteristic of research at the department is its close cooperation with industry, organizations and public administration.

IØT encourages a close link between research and teaching. Many master's students and PhD candidates are directly involved in ongoing research projects. Cases and examples for teaching in 4th and 5th year courses are often taken from research at the department.

The research at IØT covers various disciplines within the fields of economics and technology management.

The research is anchored in different disciplinary groups (Operations Management, Managerial Economics, Finance and Operations Research, Health, Safety and Environment Management and Strategy and Business Development).

Furthermore, IØT has established five strategic research programmes to stimulate and enhance interdisciplinary research at the department.


Research focus

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Energy Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Health, Environment and Safety
  • Industrial Economics 
  • International Marketing and Internationalisation
  • Logistics and Purchasing Management
  • Operation Analysis
  • Organisational Development
  • Project Management


PhD theses 2015

Thale Kvernberg Andersen: The Structuration Model of Organizational ICT Integration: From Involuntary Non-Use of New ICT at Work to Situated Learning

Gunn Robstad Andersen: Understanding contextual instability, complexity and diversity in an organization undergoing a comprehensive job stress intervention: Implications for work environment, worker health and intervention effect

Kolbein Halkjelsvik: Legitimate Leadership Functions in Partnership Development Processes

Ahmad Hemmati: Optimization models and methods for maritime cargo and inventory routing problems

Steinar Svartskuren Veka: Essays on price formation and risk assessment in energy markets

Roar Stokken: Janusian Liminality: A key to the accountability of the equality between users and professionals in patient education in Norway

All PhD theses from IØT