Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture

Biopolitics and reproduction

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How are questions about the body, medicine and reproduction related to technology, science and politics? This question hides many different topics. Within our interdisciplinary research group, we have several projects concerning the regulation and development of the biotechnology practice in Norway. We also have projects that are based on sex and reproduction, and how human reproduction and parenthood produces gendered and cultural categories on community and nation. Other related foci are cultural understandings of the body and its substances, the relationship between humans and animals, and various discussions related to the politicization of medicine, biotechnology and life (Life Itself) as part of the biopolical field.

We study the ways in which the Norwegian biopolicy is influenced by modern scientific knowledge as it is communicated in the media in public debate and political controversy. Is it so that new knowledge produces changes in the understanding of nature and natural? Traditionally, nature is regarded as unchangeable, as opposed to culture. Is it true that the limit of what is regarded natural and cultural is shifted or erased, and is nature regarded as more flexible and changeable than before?

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