Director of Organization and Infrastructure

Director of Organization and Infrastructure

The Director of Organization and Infrastructure (DOI) has overall responsibility for finance, governance and management systems, physical and digital infrastructure, as well as the area of organization. This includes HR and Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), the work environment and emergency preparedness. The director is a part of Rector's management team. His areas of responsibility are organized in these:


Campus Unification | Communication | Finance | Development and Governance | HR and HSE | IT | Property Management | Research, innovation and external relations 

Programme, ombudspersons and committees:

The digitization programme | The student representative | The data protection officer

The Director of Organization and Infrastructure is responsible for cooperation forums such as the Administrative Leadership Committee (ALU), the Working Environment Committee (AMU), the Central Cooperation Committee (SESAM) and the Local Cooperation Commitee (LOSAM - RO). Web pages only available in Norwegian.

Director media contact: Jan Erik Kaarø


Bjørn Haugstad
Director of Organization and Infrastructure



Gunn Nancy Halsetrønning
Senior Advisor
Jan Erik Kaarø
Senior Adviser
Ida Munkeby
Jens Petter Nygård
Senior Adviser
Sissel Rogstad
Senior Executive Officer, Rector office
Roar Tobro
Senior Adviser



Thomas Ørnulf Helgesen
Data protection officer
Geir Nysetvold
Program Manager
Lennart Soligard
Senior Adviser