Rektors staff

Rektor's staff

Rector's staff

The rector's staffs assist the pro-rectors for research, innovation and education, and the directors for organization, finance and real estate in the strategic work in their respective areas of responsibility.

Main duties



  • Pro-Rector for Research
  • Pro-Rector for Innovation
  • Pro-Rector for Education
  • Director of Organization and Infrastructure


Se also

Rector and Rector's management team

Pro-Rector for Research Tor Grande

Staff – Pro-Rector for Research and Dissemination

Responsibility for monitoring research and strategy at the university. This includes research training and dissemination. Coordinates the university's international contacts. 

Pro-Rector for Research Tor Grande | Contact Pro-rector


Thor Bjørn Arlov
Senior Adviser
Massimo Busuoli
Director of NTNU Brussels office
Patrick Reurink
Senior adviser, research
Ruth Hagen Rødde
Coordinator, Senior Adviser
Hilde Røysland
Senior Adviser
Nina Elisabeth Sindre
Coordinator of International Affairs
Morten Størseth
Senior Adviser
Janne Østvang
Senior adviser

Staff - Pro-Rector for Innovation

Staff – Pro-Rector for Innovation

Maintaining the university's relationships with innovation networks and regional, national and international businesses and industries. Contact with NTNU's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and coordinates efforts related to the university's intellectual property rights.

Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes | Contact Pro-Rector


Kirsti Brekke
Adviser, research and innovation
Jan Hassel
Senior Adviser
Ragnhild Nisja
Senior Adviser
Magnus Ressem
Senior Advisor
Arild Smolan
Senior Adviser
Håvard Wibe
Senior Advisor
Per Arne Wilson
Senior Adviser

Pro-Rector for Education

Staff – Pro-Rector for Education

Ensuring the strategic development and quality within the educationa area. 

Pro-Rector for Education Marit Reitan | Contact Pro-Rector


Anne Sølberg Ellingsen
Senior Adviser
Aina Nedal
Hilde Skeie
Senior Adviser
Inger-Anne Fånes Sætermo
Senior Adviser

Director of Organization and Infrastructure, staff

Staff – Director of Organization and Infrastructure

Overall responsibility for finance, governance and management systems, physical and digital infrastructure, as well as the area of organization. This includes HR and Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), the work environment and emergency preparedness. Responsible for the following departments:
HR and HSE Division | Communication Division | Records Management Division | IT Division | Rector's Staff | Division for Governance and Management Systems | Financial Division | Property Division

Director of Organization and Infrastructure: Bjørn Haugstad | Rector's management team


Gunn Nancy Halsetrønning
Senior Advisor
Heidi Hugdal
Project Manager
Ida Munkeby
Jens Petter Nygård
Senior Adviser
Roar Tobro
Senior Adviser