Rectors staff

Rector's staff

Main duties

Main duties

The Rector's staff works to provide comprehensive, proactive, and strategic support for the entire Rectorate. This applies to areas such as education, research, innovation, collaboration with the working world, international cooperation, and regional collaboration.

  • The staff's role is to support the Rectorate in their daily work and strengthen their capacity for externally-oriented activities, including contact with public and private community actors.
  • The staff also contributes to coordination across the areas of responsibility of the Vice Rectors, as well as ensuring the quality of decision-making foundations and processes.
  • The Rector's staff is also responsible for providing administrative support to the Rector and the Rector's management group, and oversees the overall support apparatus for NTNU's top management.

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Staff - Director of Organization and Infrastructure



Anne Borg



Knut Aspås
Division Director
Elin Bakke-Lorentzen
Senior Adviser, Pro-Rector for Education
Gunnar Bovim
Kirsti Brekke
Senior Advisor
Kirsti Klokkerhaug
Senior Executive Officer
Aina Nedal
Hanne Nilsen
Higher Executive Officer
Ragnhild Johanne Nisja
Senior Adviser
Sissel Rogstad
Senior Executive Officer, Rector office
Nina Elisabeth Sindre
Senior Adviser
Morten Størseth
Senior Adviser
Inger-Anne Fånes Sætermo
Senior Advisor
Ingeborg Vasli
Senior Executive Officer