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To link NTNU with businesses and European society to enhance cooperation and contribute to NTNU’s vision “Knowledge for a better world”.

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  • Serve as NTNU ambassadors and strengthen the university’s international visibility and reputation.
  • Advise on trends outside Norway so that NTNU’s curriculum and programmes can respond to the changing nature of global practice and changing trends in industry.
  • Advise on ways NTNU can enhance its connections with alumni abroad, fostering creation of a sustainable, organized and active global alumni network.
  • Assist in identifying potential partners and opportunities for NTNU – for collaboration on EU and international programmes.
  • Contribute to strengthening access to international internships for NTNU students and graduates.
  • Co-organize and host a variety of events.

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Chapter Board

Board Members: 

Einar Brønlund. Photo






Chair: Einar Brønlund
CEO MHWirth GmbH (Germany)

Anne-Christine Dreue






Vice Chair: Anne-Christine Dreue
Director Business Development, Fokker Technologies Holding B.V (The Netherlands)

Eva Krangsaas. Photo






Member: Eva Krangsaas
Former Director International Business, Pains Jacquet - Limagrain Group (France)

John Rosenhøj. Foto






Member: John Rosenhøj
Managing Director, RI Consulting (Belgium)

Scott Hovland. Foto






Member: Scott Hovland
Head of ISS Facilities and Technology Unit, European Space Agency (The Netherlands)

Terje Tøndel. Foto






Member: Terje Tøndel
Former Managing Director of ETIS in Brussels 2003–2016 (Norway)


Member: Nina Sindre 
Coordinator of International Affairs

Secretary to the Board: 

Massimo Busuoli, Head of NTNU Brussels Office (Belgium)