Shanghai, China. Photo: Colourbox

NTNU Alumni China

NTNU Alumni China

NTNU Alumni China is a network for all our former students who are living in China.

It is a social and academic meeting place – a shared arena where you can become involved as an NTNU person.

The ambition is to have a large and active network where a strong NTNU identity means that members are good ambassadors and partners for their alma mater. Members should be a resource for NTNU and for each other. The network aims to link NTNU with business and society in China to enhance cooperation and contribute to developing more knowledge for a better world.

NTNU Alumni China arranges a variety of activities during the year, both social and professional. It is an outstanding arena for keeping in touch with NTNU. You will get many opportunities for updates in your field as well as networking and teamwork.

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Recent activities

Recent activities

During the critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway, in middle of March 2020, NTNU Alumni China organized a donation of PPEs to the Faculty of Medical and Health Science and St. Olavs Hospital from China including 21,000 face masks.

According to the thank you note from the MH faculty, all the donated PPEs were received and a part of the PPEs have been used at the frontline of battling COVID-19 at St. Olavs Hospital.

Pre-departure in Shanghai 13 July 2019 Foto: Pushi/NTNU

NTNU Alumni China co-hosted and supported a series of pre-departure seminars in China in 2019. Pre-departure seminars has become important information meetings and experience sharing events for the students who are going to study in Norway.

The seminars took place in Shenzhen 29 June, Beijing 8 July and Shanghai 13 July. A total of 120 students attended the meetings.

View more photos from the pre-departure event.

Recent activities

The 2018 Annual Gathering of NTNU Alumni and NorAlumni Photo: Wang Yu/NTNU

The 2018 Annual Gathering of NTNU Alumni and NorAlumni. See more photos from the gathering.

NTNUs former Rector Gunnar Bovim congratulates NTNU Alumni China with the inaguration of the alumni network.

Chapter Board

Chapter Board

Board 1

Ben Zhang. Photo.

Chair: Ben Zhang 

Chairman Shanghai Maritime & Finance Excellence Center (Shanghai)
Master of Science in Marine Structure 2001

Haibo Chen. Photo.

Vice Chair: Haibo Chen 

Principal Consultant, Lloyd’s register (Beijing)
Master of Science in Marine Structure ’01, PhD in Marine Technology 2003

Sicong Liu. Photo

Member: Sicong Liu 

Architect, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (Shanghai)
Master of Science in Urban Planning 2011

Board 2

Zhao Lihao. Photo

Member: Lihao Zhao 

Associate Professor, Tsingua University (Beijing)
PhD, Energy and process engineering 2012
Postdoc 2012-2016, Department of energy and process engineering, NTNU

Bin Xu. Photo

Member: Bin Xu 

Partner, Shanshan Capital Investment Co. Ltd, (Shanghai area)
Master of Science in Marine Technology 2008

Bin Wang. Photo

Member: Bin Wang 

Chairman & CEO, Ioer Industrial Solutions Limited (Beijing)
Master of Science in Marine Technology 2010

Board 3

Yu Wang. Photo

Secretary to the Board: Yu Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow, NTNU

The Board’s priority tasks

The Board’s priority tasks

  • Serve as NTNU ambassadors and strengthen the university’s international visibility and reputation, particularly in China.
  • Advise on trends and developments outside Norway, and particularly in China, so that NTNU’s curriculum and programmes of study can respond to the changing nature of global practice and changing trends in public and private sectors. 
  • Advise on ways NTNU can enhance its connections with alumni abroad and contribute to the creation of a sustainable, organized and active global NTNU alumni network. 
  • Assist in identifying potential partners and opportunities for NTNU in China – for collaboration on international programmes. 
  • Contribute to strengthening access to international internships for NTNU students in Chinese businesses and organizations. 
  • Co-organize and host a variety of events.