The AUR-lab works in collaboration with other research institutions. The following list includes those projects where the AUR-lab is or has been enrolled in:


Ongoing projects


  • Arctic ABC. Applied technology module: Develop autonomous under-ice tethered observatories (ITO) that will provide optical and acoustic data from the Arctic Ocean drift ice ecosystem, including during the polar night. The observatories will be able to operate in ice and open water, and will have real-time satellite-communication ability.


  • Ailaron. (Autonomous Imaging and Learning AiRObot identifying plaNkton taxa in-situ) is an inter-disciplinary integrated effort for characterizing targeted in-situ plankton. Our AUV (LAUV-Roald) uses a camera to image microorganisms in the photic zone, process imagery in-situ, categorize and classify based on Machine Learning, generate a probability density map and uses an AI-based controller to return to the most highly correlated ’hot-spots’ with respect to species of interest over the survey volume.



  • EU Marine Robotics. The main objective of the EUMR project is to open up key national and regional marine robotics research infrastructures (RIs) to all European researchers, from both academia and industry, ensuring their optimal use and joint development to establish a world-­class marine robotics integrated infrastructure.

  • Arven etter Nansen: A collaborative project for multidisciplinary research in the Barents Sea. The AUR lab strengthens the project with its research vehicles and technology development capacity.  

  • CeO AMOS : Enabling technology for marine biological applications.

Concluded projects