Carbohydrate metabolism


We have shown recently that inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis causes transient changes in carbohydrate distribution, which are sensitive to manipulation of turgor pressure levels. Interestingly we could also identify several genes that are required to mediate the osmo-sensitive changes.



 We are currently following up on these initial observations with an integrated imaging, proteomics/metabolomics approach to dissect the underlying processes. We are performing metabolic profiling in close collaboration with the NTNU core metabolomics facility  (PROMEC) to determine the precise impact of cellulose biosynthesis inhibition in seedling metabolism. In parallel we undertake a proteomics analysis (also in collaboration with the NTNU core facility) to identify the proteins required for translation of signals regulating the observed metabolic changes. This approach is complemented by our efforts to adapt a FRET based reporter system to characterize changes in soluble sugar levels in vivo with sub-cellular resolution. We are performing this work in close collaboration with research groups at the University of Southampton (Marchant) and Aachen (Wormit).



Wormit A., Butt S., Chairam I., McKenna J., Nunes-Nesi A., Fernie A. Barter L., Woscholski R. and Hamann T. “Osmosensitive changes of carbohydrate metabolism in response to cellulose biosynthesis inhibition“, Plant Physiology, 159, 105-117, 2012.



Thorsten Hamann

Thorsten Hamann

Associate Professor