Mastering your student life


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Mastering your student life

Mastering your student life is about more than identifying the optimal study techniques. It is how to manage being a student all over. Life at university might be challenging, and to make  your time as a student easier and enjoyable, you need to feel good and thrive both at campus and off campus.

Balance and planning

Most of us need a good balance between work and leicure time to thrive. Making an overview of how you spend your time may help you structure your daily life and become more efficient. Make the plan specific and realistic, and remember to add breaks and lesiure activities. Read more about planning in the site of study habits below.

Study habits


Motivation is important to accomplish your goals. If your motivation gets low, try to remind yourself why you started this study programme. Find the connection between your subjects and your personal interests, what you want to di in your working life and the opportunities this education can provide. Do not wait for motivation to happen, but start the work and let the motivation caych up with you. Just doing something at all, may create a desire to both do and learn more. So get started: if you manage to decide for a work session of 10- 15 minutes, you have taken the first step! Get an overview of the curriculum, create small and achievable objectives and vary how you work. Expectations from others may be a source of motivation, so it may be a good idea to arrange study groups with fellow students.

The Social Life

Feeling good socially is good for motivation. Try to get to know fellow students. Set up meetings and work together with the courses and assignments if possible. This is a great way to start working and may contribute to new perspectives. Moreover, it is pleasant as well! If you prefer to work alone, arrange to meet others for lunch or coffee. Maybe you want to make new friends or find interesting leisure activities in one of  NTNU’s many student organizations. The University is a great place to meet people that share the same values and interests as you, as well as to create new relations. Do try to include other (and maybe less extrovert) classmates to take part in your study or lunch group.

Get the most out of student life

Student life is much more than studies. If you get involved in activities besides your studies, you can both learn new things and have fun! You also get to know yourself better. The cities where NTNU have campuses have a lot to offer, check out student life in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund.

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Employers are often interested in your involvement besides your studies, and volunteering might increase your chances of landing a job. Check out student organizations at NTNU.


Summer jobs and part-time jobs

Work experience is helpful when applying for a post-graduate position. Find part-time jobs, summer jobs or partners for academic collaborations in our job portal, NTNU Bridge. The advantages with work experience during your studies are that:

  • You show involvement besides your studies.
  • You develop skills that might be relevant for post-graduate jobs.
  • You get work experience and learn more about yourself and what you want.
  • You can get contacts that can be useful later in your career.
  • Potentially future employers get to know who you are and your competence.
  • You get knowledge about working life and opportunities in the job market.


Networking could result in better post- graduation opportunities in a fast changing job market. You meet many people during your studies, e.g. fellow students, lecturers and business representatives. You can also get a network through volunteering, part-time jobs or academic collaboration with external businesses. Contacts that can provide career opportunities for you, so let them know who you are and how you can contribute. Remember that the best way of building a strong network is to help others and give your contacts the same support in return.

You can also build network through LinkedIn or other social media. Follow companies, groups or people that interest you. Show engagement and dare to share your knowledge, and get noticed! Read more in Tips for Job seekers.

Do you want to make contact with former NTNU students?  As a member of NTNU Alumni, you can benefit from their experiences or shadow one alumni at work for a day.

Counselling at NTNU

Counselling at NTNU

The student adviser at your study programme is your primary contact for questions regarding your studies. There are also many other counselling services at NTNU.

Student guidance at NTNU

This might interest you

This might interest you

Student Life Trondheim

Student Life in Gjøvik

Student Life in Ålesund

Job portal NTNU Bridge

Career Fairs at NTNU

NTNU Alumni


Frivillig is connecting volunteers with volunteering organizations (website in Norwegian).

Create your own job oppotunities

Get involved!

Meet Tyler Stewart, student at NTNU and former president of the International Student Festival in Trondheim, ISFiT
Student organizations like ISFIT give you the opportunity to grow beyond the confines of your degree and make friends outside of your discipline. Get involved and take every opportunity the town has to offer!

Feedback on CV and job application

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Get feedback on your CV and job application in 15 minutes
Campus Dragvoll  The Library, Tuesdays
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at 14.00 - 15.30  

NB! Sorry, no drop-in at Dragvoll Tuesday March 3.


Tips and counselling about the job seeking process, competency mapping and the job interview

G-bygget (G116), Mondays 
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Get feedback on your CV and job application.
At the Library, Tuesdays

at 13.00 - 14.30

Counselling for NTNU students

 Counselling for NTNU students

For current students, applicants and recent NTNU graduates

Meet one of our advisers in Trondheim for:

  • Feedback on CV and job application
  • Career advises
  • Tips for Study techniques 

Counselling is also available on skype or phone


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