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About the 8th seminar on Exercise in Medicine – the Webinar edition

About Exercise in Medicine 2020

The Cardiac Exercise Research Group (CERG) arranged the 1st seminar on Exercise in Medicine in 2005 – the year of the rooster. We invited our favorite researchers and world-leading scientists from all around the world and created a setting where we could learn, have fun and establish networks. Indeed, the 30 participants of the 1st seminar had lot of fun, created long-lasting relations and collaborations, and we all managed to learned something too.

The seminar has grown over the past 15 years; the 7th seminar in 2017 – also the year of the rooster, had over 300 participants from 25 different countries. Regardless, we have managed to keep an informal and intimate setting, which we know sets the stage for open discussions, brainstorming, new ideas and good research. Our aim is the same now as then: to present and discuss recent progress in using exercise as medicine.​

In 2020 – the year of the rat, the ongoing pandemic brings multifaced challenges to individual and public health, medical management, ongoing research and social networks. To persevere and establish networks for current and future research,  the 8th seminar is set up as an international webinar. 

The Webinar Edition combines livestreamed talks from invited speakers, round table discussions and lightning talks (data blitz) with innovative and interactive ways of digital research communication and informal networking. To round up the seminar we will launch a digital version of a former success: Man in Extreme Environments.

As organizers of this webinar we create the field, but it is the players that make the game fun. We are therefore deeply grateful that you want to attend and share your time with us. Welcome to a new way of innovative research communication and networking: the 8th Seminar on Exercise in Medicine – the Webinar Edition.