Partners, Exercise in Medicine 2020

Partners, the 8th seminar on Exercise in Medicine – the Webinar edition

It is with the support from our partners that we can realize Exercise in Medicine – the Webinar Edition and create an arena (screen) for research communication, knowledge exchange, inspiring discussions, networking, innovation and progress within the use of exercise as medicine.

The same applies for the public grand finale Man in Extreme Environments – the Digital Expedition, where our partners’ support makes it possible to gather people with common interests to share intriguing adventures and motivating stories during these strange times.

Thank you!


NORHEART – The Norwegian PhD School of Heart Research

Firstly, thank you for your contribution in making our 8th seminar on Exercise in Medicine a reality. Together, we will bring the state of the science to researchers, clinicians and health authorities all over the world.​  

NORHEART is a national education network for collaborative education of PhD students within cardiovascular research in Norway. NORHEART is initiated, organized and run by cardiovascular scientists, and aims to a promote international quality in Norwegian cardiovascular research and strengthen national research networks.

Progess in Cardiovascular Diseases

Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases

Thank you for making sure that the research presented and discussed at Exercise in Medicine is documented in a Medical Journal.

Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases (PCVD) is a General Cardiology Journal published by Elsevier. Currently, the Journal has an Impact Factor of 6.763, is ranked 15th of 138 Cardiovascular Journals, and a Cite Score of 9.7, ranking it 18th of over 330 CV-related Journals. The Editor-in-Chief since January, 2014, is Carl “Chip“ Lavie, MD, FACC. During this time, PCVD have published many articles on physical activity, exercise, and fitness, and dedicated several issues to physical activity and exercise topics, including two guest-edited by CERG’s own Ulrik Wisløff, PhD, from Trondheim, Norway.

Brain Plasticity

IOS Press / Brain Plasticity

We are glad to hear that you’re looking forward to Exercise in Medicine just as much as we are. Many thanks to Henriette van Praag, PhD, for introducing us. Also thank you for including our webinar in your newsletter. 

IOS Press is headquartered in Amsterdam with satellite offices in the USA, Germany, India and China, and serves the information needs of scientific and medical communities worldwide. IOS Press publishes more than 80 international peer-reviewed journals each year.

The journal Brain Plasticity facilitates progress in understanding all aspects of neurogenesis, gliogenesis and synaptic plasticity, from development to the adult. Guided by Editors-in-Chief Henriette van Praag, Bernard Zalc and Xinyu Zhao, the journal welcomes papers adopting fresh conceptual approaches on specification and function at the molecular and cellular levels, neural circuits, systems and behavioral levels are encouraged.


Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI)

Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI) 

We are very pleased to hear that you liked the concept of our previous seminars on Exercise in Medicine, and reached out for a collaboration regarding this year’s webinar edition.    

With 1.8 million users and 10.8 million pageviews per month Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI) is by far Norway’s largest provider of health and healthcare information – to both professionals and the general public. Including our Swedish MDs digital handbook, they are the largest supplier of knowledge based support to the health sector.