Marine Chemistry & Biogeochemistry

Marine Chemistry & Biogeochemistry


Photo: Robin Hjertenes, 2019, Antarctc Cruise with RV Kronprinse Håkon 

Photo: Robin Hjertenes, 2019, Antarctic Cruise, SOPHY-CO2,  RV Kronprins Håkon

Research activity

Group members and partners

Group members and partners

Group members

Asmita Singh (Postdoc)

Dmitry Shcherbin (Postdoc)

Nicolas Sanchez (Postdoc)

Stephen Kohler (PhD)

Maria Guadalupe Digernes (PhD)

Mathew Avarachen (Researcher)

Luiza Neves (PhD / SINTEF Ocean)



Alexandros Asimakopoulos (Associate professor)

Tomasz Ciesielski (Senior Researcher)

Current projects

Current projects


  • The Nansen Legacy / Arven etter Nansen (external website)

  • Best-SIBERIAN (Bio-essential and toxic elements transformation and transport in the Arctic under pressure of Siberian Continental Shelf permafrost thawing 

  • ANTARCTICA; Sophy-CO2 (Southern Ocean phytoplankton community characteristics, primary production, CO2 flux and the effects of climate change  (SANOCEAN)

  • Coast-LAB (SANOCEAN) 

  • Salt-MINE (Belmont forum)

  • AWAS (Autonomous water sampling with real-time in situ data analysis for ocean environmental monitoring)

  • HYPSCI (Large-scale Interdisciplinary Researcher Project Observational Pyramid with Hyperspectral Nano-Satellites for Ocean Science)

  • Breeze (Sustainable Aquaculture), The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) project

  • Lake Mjøsa Project

  • JPI-O; Deep sea mining -- environmental impact

  • TrykkCO2 

  • CO2 acidification

  • Iron, evolution and photosynthesis

  • Ocean certain (external website)

  • C cycle

  • Sailing 4 Science; Empowering STUDENTS and Citizen Science (external website)

Master Projects