Background and activities


  • Postdoctor, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Consultant in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Internal Medicine, Medical Department, Levanger Hospital, Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust, Levanger, Norway
  • Ph.D., NTNU - 2014
  • M.D., University of Oslo - 2005

Research field:

  • Etiology, occurence, and prevention of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Barrett's esophagus, and esophageal adenocarcinoma
  • Genetics of gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Etiology and prevention of colorectal cancer
  • Etiology, occurence, and prevention of gallstone disease
  • Etiology and prevention of pancreatic cancer

Material, methods and tools:

  • The Nord-Trøndelag health study (the HUNT study)
  • National registers in Norway and Sweeden
  • Regression analyses
  • Generalised estimating equations (GEE)
  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS)
  • Stata


  • Member of the Research Committee at Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust
  • Deputy member of the Norwegian Medical Association's Specialist Committee in Gastroenterolgy

Prizes and awards:

  • Top Abstract Prize, United European Gastroenterology Week 2012, Amsterdam
  • National Scholar Award, United European Gastroenterology Week 2012, Amsterdam
  • Norwegian Gastroenterology Association's Research Scholarship 2013
  • Best abstract presentation, Norwegian Gastroenterology Association's Yearly Meeting 2013, Lillehammer
  • Research and travle grant from the Norwegian Medical Assosiation 2014

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Ness-Jensen, Eivind. (2014) Epidemiology of gastro-oesophageal reflux A prospective population-based cohort study: The HUNT study. 2014. ISBN 978-82-326-0062-5.