Outstanding Academic Fellow Programme

Outstanding Academic Fellows Programme 2019-2023


Fellows in the programme period June 2019 to June 2023 together with former Pro-Rector for Research Bjarne Foss.

Photos for downloading (FotoWare)

Photo of Francesca Verones: Lars Robert Bang/NTNU
Other photos: Thor Nielsen/NTNU

Chiara Bertolin

Chiara Bertolin, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUChiara Bertolin

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engeneering

How is Climate Change affecting materials’ decay, increasing its intensity and frequency?

Siv Gøril Brandtzæg

Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUSiv Gøril Brandtzæg

Department of Language and Literature

My research focuses on the skilling ballad, a genre marginalized by historians for 400 years.

Charles Butcher

Charles Butcher, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUCharles Butcher

Department of Sociology and Political Science

My research focuses on understanding the causes of sustainable democratization.

Jeroen Danon

Jeroen Danon, NTNU. Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNUJeroen Danon

Department of Physics

A quantum computer could perform tasks that would take centuries on a regular computer in a split second. My work aims to make this reality.

Maria Fernandino

Maria Fernandino, NTNU. Photo: Maren Agdestein/NTNUMaria Fernandino

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

My research focuses on droplet dynamics on both smooth and micro-structured surfaces.

Katrin Grunert

Katrin Grunert, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUKatrin Grunert

Department of Mathematical Sciences

My research focuses on non-linear partial differential equations that govern the motion of waves.

Jason Hearst

Jason Hearst, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUJason Hearst

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

My work is on intersection of turbulent flows, as wind turbine energy output, more efficient pipelines, carbon capture, and airflow around buildings.

Sol H. Jacobsen

Sol H. Jacobsen, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUSol H. Jacobsen

Department of Physics

I investigate innovative ways to generate and control superconductivity for applications in computing.

Magnus Jahre

Magnus Jahre, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUMagnus Jahre

Department of Computer Science

The main goal of my research is to contribute to designing faster and more energy-efficient computers.

Mike Martin

Mike Martin, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUMike Martin

Department of Natural History

My research group analyzes genomic sequencing data in order to reconstruct and interpret the evolutionary histories of various plants, animals, and their pathogens.

Courtney McNamara

Courtney McNamara, NTNU. Photo: Massimo RenzoCourtney McNamara

Department of Sociology and Political Science

My research investigates one of the most pressing policy concerns in many countries: international trade and its societal consequences.

Eivind Ness-Jensen

Eivind Ness-Jensen, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUEivind Ness-Jensen

Department of Public Health and Nursing

My research is concerning coeliac disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the small intestines precipitated by dietary gluten.

Marianne Nymark

Marianne Nymark, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUMarianne Nymark

Department of Biology

My research focuses on revealing the molecular mechanisms behind the assembly and regulation of the photosynthetic apparatus of marine microalgae.

Marius Pedersen

Marius Pedersen, NTNU. Photo: Espen Taftø Vestad/NTNUMarius Pedersen

Department of Computer Science

My research focuses on how to carry out objective measurement of images that reflect our subjective assessment of image quality.

Kathrine Røe Redalen

Kathrine Røe Redalen, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUKathrine Røe Redalen

Department of Physics

I work in the field of medical physics with research on advanced imaging technology that can improve the precision of cancer diagnostics.

Trygve Solstad

Trygve Solstad, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUTrygve Solstad

Department of Teacher Education

I study the role of representations and abstraction in our ability to learn and reason about fundamental mathematical concepts

Jannike Solsvik

Jannike Solsvik, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUJannike Solsvik

Department of Chemical Engineering

My research is on theoretical and experimental investigations of turbulent flows, bubble hydrodynamics and mass transfer in complex fluids.

Dimosthenis Peftitsis

Dimosthenis Peftitsis, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUDimosthenis Peftitsis

Department of Electric Power Engineering

My research focuses on design and operation of advanced power electronics technologies for high-efficiency and high-reliability electrical energy conversions.

Jan Torgersen

Jan Torgersen, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUJan Torgersen

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

My group aims to turn simulated performances into prototypes using a variety of computational, nano and microfabrication tools.

Francesca Verones

Francesca Verones, NTNU. Photo: Lars Robert Bang, NTNUFrancesca Verones

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

I am developing models to assess how humans impact natural ecosystems and species diversity all around the world.

Pieter de Wilde

Pieter de Wilde, NTNU. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNUPieter de Wilde

Department of Sociology and Political Science

I study political conflict over European integration and globalization.