Background and activities

Gro Rødne is associate professor at the Department of Architecture and Technology at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU and Project Manager of TRANSark:

She graduated as architect form the Faculty of Architecture at the Norwegian Technical University (NTH) in 1993 and continued two years at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Gro is co-founder at Agraff Architects: and was a partner from 2001-2016. She started her work as an Associate Professor the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts in 2004.

Key experience and field of interest: The interface between architecture, art and landscape. Architecture education and PBL problem based learning.

Gro has been course coordinator for the first year at the Master program in Architecture for six years and has now a master course called “Making is Thinking”. The course focus on the "hands-on" experiences, in the overlap between artistic- and architectural methods.

The main focus in her research work to understand and develop skills connecting the body and mind. On basis of the experience both from full scale works in the first year and the master course, she is developing the work package “Making is Thinking” as a part of TRANSark.

“Making is Thinking” seeks to investigate the transformative aspects the students experience through this direct learning by making.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Rødne, Gro; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Gullberg, Johanna Sofia. (2018) remaking is rethinking. reACT by Design.
  • Rødne, Gro; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine. (2017) displace place display play. reACT by Design.
  • Wellinger, Steffen; Hokstad, Leif Martin; Rødne, Gro; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Finocchiaro, Luca. (2017) Transark - Emerging Pedagogies in Architecture Education. Community Design. vol. 079 (03).
  • Rødne, Gro; Gullberg, Johanna Sofia. (2016) Consistency or The need for light bulbs. ADSL Universiteit Antwerpen.


Part of book/report

  • Hokstad, Leif Martin; Rødne, Gro; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Wellinger, Steffen; Shetelig, Carl Fredrik Lutken. (2016) Transformative Learning in Architectural Education: Re-Thinking Architecture and the Education of Architecture. Threshold Concepts in Practice.
  • Solberg, Helge; Rødne, Gro. (2011) Møte med hammer og sag - fullskalabygging med tre. ARKITEKTUR I HUNDRE - Arkitektutdanningen i Trondheim 1910 - 2010.


  • Engvik, Gunnar; Feilberg, Julie; Rossvoll, Anne; Shetelig, Carl Fredrik Lutken; Bøhn, Harald; Cartfjord, Anne Katarina; Hokstad, Leif Martin; Løset, Sveinung; Karlsen, Geir; Paasche, Suzette; Utne, Harris; Gundersen, Ida Bjørklund; Rødne, Gro; Jakobsen, Arild Walter. (2006) Forbedret læringsmiljø for NTNU i tocampusløsningen mot 2020. 2006.