Background and activities

Mark Pasquine is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of Masters programs at the Depeartment of International Business in Ålesund. He holds a PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and an MBA from Babson College

Research Interests

Digital Marketing

Consumer decision-making

Country of Origin

Pricing strategy

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Pasquine, Mark; Glavee-Geo, Richard; Kachurovska, Olena; Ariatmaja, I Gusti Agung. (2019) Green Buying: Influence of Eco-label Information Availability on Trust and Purchase Intentions for Recycled Fishing Net Products in Developed and Developing Countries. 45th EIBA Conference . University of Leeds; Leeds, UK. 2019-12-13 - 2019-12-15.
  • Nystrand, Bjørn Tore; Pasquine, Mark. (2017) Sjøfryst torskefilet: Forbrukerundersøkelse om fisk generelt og torskefilet spesielt. Fjordkonferansen 2017 ; Loen. 2017-06-20 - 2017-06-21.
  • Bogdanovs, A; Kainth, Akarsh; Pasquine, Mark. (2016) The Influence of Joint Spousal Decision Making on Purchase Intentions: A Study of Children’s Furniture in India. European International Business Academy (EIBA) ; Vienna. 2016-12-02 - 2016-12-05.
  • Pasquine, Mark; Bjørndal, Trond; Nesset, Erik. (2016) Does geographical clustering pay. Analysis of the Norwegian salted and dried cod industry. Midt-Norsk Fiskerikonferanse 2016 . Norges Råfisklag; Kristiansund. 2016-08-07 - 2016-08-08.
  • Pasquine, Mark; Glavee-Geo, Richard. (2016) Region of Origin as an Irrelevant Attribute: Influencing Quality Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Foreign Products. European International Business Academy (EIBA) ; Vienna. 2016-12-02 - 2016-12-05.
  • Pasquine, Mark. (2010) We like you because you are popular: Inferring popularity from social proof. FIBE 2010 ; NHH, Bergen. 2010-01-07 - 2010-01-08.
  • Pasquine, Mark. (2009) Contextual influnces on choice for non-dominated alternatives. FIBE 2009 ; NHH - Bergen. 2009-01-08 - 2009-01-09.
  • Pasquine, Mark. (2007) Maybe It's Better Not To Be Unique: Moving From Avoided Extreme to the Collective Effect. Nordic Academy of Management Conference ; 2007-08-09 - 2007-08-11.