NTNU Energy Team Hydropower

NTNU Energy Team Hydropower

Tunsbergdalsdammen. Photo: Halvor Kjærås

About NTNU Team Hydropower

Norway is world leading in many disciplines within hydropower. NTNU Team Hydropower is a multidisciplinary group of researchers with expertise in all areas within planning and operation of hydropower plants. We work with hydrological calculation of inflows to the hydropower system, hydraulic structures, mechanical and electric power components in the hydropower plants, analysis and planning of hydropower production and environmental effects of hydropower regulations. There is an extensive collaboration within research and teaching on hydropower between the departments and faculties at NTNU and Team Hydropower has a coordinating role in this work.

Hydropower is the backbone in the production of electrical energy and accounts for well over 90% of power production in Norway in a normal year. Hydropower is also the dominant source of renewable energy production globally, contributing about 16.5% of all energy production, of which the other renewable technologies provide about 10% in total. Due to hydropower's unique role as a regulated energy source, it will play a crucial role in the transition to an energy system consisting of only renewable and emission-free sources. Hydropower plays an important role in achieving several of the UN's sustainability goals, including goal 13 Stopping Climate Change and goal 7 Clean Energy.

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