The Energy Transition 2020 - a series of webinars

The Energy Transition 2020 - a series of webinars

The Energy Transition 2020 will be organized as a series of webinars, as the conference planned for March was canceled. We are trying to keep as much of the original programme and speakers as possible and will update the website consecutively. A recordring of each webinar will be found on this page.


The topics and dates are:

See previous webinars 2020

See previous webinars 2020


Expert panel

  • Volker Krey, Professor IIASA and NTNU
  • Anders Strømman, Professor NTNU
  • Jae Edmonds, Chief scientist Joint Global Change Research Institute
  • Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes, Pro-Rector for Innovation and Professor Medical Technology NTNU
  • Franziska Holz, DIW Berlin

Watch The World in Crisis has made a podcast on this webinar, interviewing Asgeir Tomasgard, Brigitte Knopf and Detlef van Vuuren.

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See the recording of the webinar here

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Marie Bysveen, Chief Market Developer, Sintef Energy Research

Anders Opedal, Executive Vice President, Equinor

Therese Hugstmyr Woie, Head of Nature and Youth

Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist, International Energy Agency

Xavier Chen, President of the Beijing Energy Club

David Daniels, Chief Energy Modeler at the U.S. Energy Information Administration 


Expert panel

Reinhard Madlener, Institute leader, Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior at the RWTH Aachen University

Franziska Holz, Head of the Research Area “Resource and Environmental Markets” at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin)

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Speakers and topics


David Aikman, King´s College London - The role of Finance

Hege Skryseth, Kongsberg Digital - The digital transformation

Jim Watson, University College London - Interfaces between social sciences and technology TBC

Sammy Van Den Broeck, Yara - Value chains in industry and agriculture.

Arild Gustavsen, NTNU - Smart and emission free cities


Expert panel

Energy Transition Newsletter

Video: Energy Transition Conference 2020

Webinars 2020


The webinars blend keynotes, panel and plenary discussions among international experts from academia, industry, government and NGOs. 

There will be around 20 keynote speakers and panel participants. The webinars present challenging cases on the role of energy systems to build a sustainable society.

The webinars are key meeting points to debate challenges and solutions for the transition to a future sustainable energy system.


Partners and sponsors

Partners and sponsors

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