Sediment handling

Clean water is incredibly important in hydropower. Sediments like rock, gravel, sand and clay can damage turbines and tunnels and cause expensive maintenance costs.

In Norway we have hard rock and clean water, but in many other countries sediments in the water can cause huge problems for power plants and the surrounding environment.

Researchers on sediment management are thus addressing a global problem for economy, environment and sustainability. The researchers in this work group shall:

  • Find new solutions for sediment management
  • Develop turbine designs that manage sediment wear
  • Investigate sediment measurements and environmental impacts


About the Project

Full project title: Sediment handling

Duration: 2018-2021

R&D Partners: NTNU, SINTEF, Statkraft, University of Bologna, Hydro Lab Nepal

Associated projects: SediPASS (KPN), “Sustainable design and operation of hydro power plants exposed to high sediment yield”, FitHydro (H2020), SafePASS, EnergizeNepal, HiFrancis (KPN)