Dam construction and dam safety

The reservoirs in Norway are like gigantic batteries. The water stored in these provides a constant supply of renewable electricity in Norway. 

When it rains or snows, the batteries are charged and close to 3,500 dams hold the water in place.  At the same time, every dam and the water behind is poses a threat to the downstream area. Thus, dam safety is essential for a safe and sustainable operation of the reservoirs, as well as for the generation of renewable energy.

The researchers in this work group have focus on safe and sustainable dam operation, as well as safe and economical design solutions for both embankment dams and concrete dams. Issues of interests include:

  • Safety measures for rockfill dams under extreme loading conditions.
  • Sliding resistance of concrete dams on rock foundation
  • Dam structural health monitoring
  • Dam safety and emergency preparedness


Fjola Gudrun Sigtryggsdottir

Associate Professor

E-mail: fjola.g.sigtryggsdottir@ntnu.no
Phone: 73598388





About the project

Full project title: Dam construction and dam safety

Duration: 2017-2021

R&D Partners: NTNU (IBM, IGB), UPM Madrid, ETH Zürich

Associated projects: PLAF