About IES

About the Department of Electronic Systems

Department of Electronic Systems has approximately 130 full-time employees working in 54 academic positions, about 40 fellowships, 15 researcher / postdoc. positions and 22 technical / administrative positions. In addition, the department has 10 professors and adjunct professors and 30 PhD candidates affiliated institute. Departmental staff are located on two campuses with about 120 in Trondheim, and 7 in Gjøvik.

The department annually graduate 60-80 civil engineers (masters), 40-50 bachelor's graduates (Trondheim and Gjøvik) and 10-15 PhD candidates. The department has a substantial externally funded activities.

Research Areas

Photo of person working in the PLD-lab

Our central research areas are within wireless communication, marine acoustics/sub-sea communications, multimedia and speech technology, micro- and nano technology, sensors, and medical technology. Research is both experimental and theoretical, and studies at the department gives a solid foundation for further progress and career opportunities in diverse areas.

The departments research and education is divided into five research groups.

IES Strategic areas

Illustration of the Departments strategic areas and cooperating partners

Management IES


Photo of  Thomas Tybell

Head of Department

Thomas Tybell
Office: Electro Building B416
Phone: +47 7359 0229
Mobile: +47 918 97 414


Photo of Pierluigi Salvo Rossi

Deputy Director - Research

Pierluigi Salvo Rossi
Office: Electro Building B325



Photo of Odd Kr. Pettersen

Deputy Director - Innovation

Odd Kr. Pettersen
Office: Electro Building C439
Phone: 7359 1418
Mobile: 920 62 610



Photo of Torstein Bolstad

Deputy Director - Education Master

Torstein Bolstad
Office: Electro Building A461
Phone: +47 7355 0253



Photo Arne Midjo

Deputy Director - Education Bachelor

Arne Midjo
Kontor: Electro Building C231
Tlf: +47 7341 2662



Photo of Lars Arne Hassel

Head of office

Lars Arne Hassel
Office: Electro Building B410
Phone: +47 7341 2678