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Circuit and Radio Systems

Student satellite (image) -Photo Geir Mogen

The field of circuit and radio systems covers a wide spectrum of both research topics and applications essential for a modern society.

The  Circuit and Radio Systems group performs research on design, modeling, verification, and testing of both individual circuits and larger systems. This includes both development of design methodologies and implementation of physical components and systems to be tested in laboratories and in real life environments. Starting with components designed as analog and digital circuits in CMOS, GaAs, and other technologies, it is possible to implement large systems, e.g., for radio communication, for embedded control of automotive and household equipment, for health and well-being, for space applications, and for microprocessors and general computing systems, to mention a few.

Through our research and education our group has the last three decades contributed substantially to the build-up of a multi-billion microelectronic design and radio system industry in Norway.



User illustration Professor Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg
 Head of research group


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Main current activities:

    Radio systems
    Analog and mixed signal systems
    Digital systems


   ANA lab
   SmallSat Lab
   Antenna laboratory
   Circuit characterization lab
   Taklaboratoriet (Roof-lab)


Publications by the Circuit and Radio Systems Group

Projects <a href="/documents/139959/16028295/Lyssiffer-800-Photo-GeirMogen.jpg/f68a7aa3-b02c-464b-bef2-839e3c60f171?t=1439222564362"><img alt="Circuit board lights: Photo Geir Mogen" src="/documents/139959/16028295/Lyssiffer-200.jpg/b03e96ce-e732-43a4-9b84-fb461042f80a?t=1439219956732" style="width: 150px; height: 64px;" /></a>

Projects Circuit board lights: Photo Geir Mogen

Examples of projects where we are currently contributing:

Expertise <a href="/documents/139959/16028295/Antennelab-800-Photo-GeirMogen.jpg/598d81b7-8cc7-44b3-be2f-ce0b53a0e858?t=1439222564816"><img alt="Antenna lab: Photo Geir Mogen" src="/documents/139959/16028295/Antennelab-200.jpg/020b34ca-b0c6-4625-89d2-36c538f1b7d3?t=1439219957518" style="width: 150px; height: 60px;" /></a>

Expertise Antenna lab: Photo Geir Mogen

Our fields of expertise in research and education include:

  • radio communications
  • radio navigation
  • space technology
  • antenna engineering
  • RF / Microwave technology
  • ultra-wide band sensors and wireless solutions
  • electromagnetics
  • low-power digital design
  • analog and mixed signal design
  • system-on-a-chip design
  • embedded systems design
  • design for test
  • functional and formal verification

We have extensive national and international cooperation with leading universities and companies in these fields. We also have multiple advanced laboratories for use in research and education.

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Industry Prototype: Photo Geir Mogen

We cooperate on a regular basis with a number of companies, both on research projects and on master and PhD education. Examples of these companies are:

Many of these companies are also members of Mikroelektronikkforum, a department – industry contact group in the field of microelectronics.