Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

NTNU Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our goal is to research and develop technologies to support safe, efficient and secure transportation systems, aiming at increasing traffic efficiency, passenger safety and comfort and reducing cost and environmental impacts.

Activities in this lab include research and development, technology implementation and prototype, experimental testbeds and facilities with the goal to demonstrate the effects and readiness of the intelligent transportation technologies. We will transfer and deploy the innovative technologies for large-scale and practical use.

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We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through scientific publications at the top venues of our research area.

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  • LEGO Mindstorm experimental lab
  • Virtual Traffic lights
  • Heterogenous communications in mulit-modal transportation systems
  • Robust software for Toll charging systems
  • Route optimization (green energy perspective) 
  • Decision-support system for road maintenance
  • Active decision support for drivers for road conditions/incidents

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Commercial partners:

  • Statens vegvesen
  • Jernbaneverket
  • FourC