Literature studies for new educational knowledge

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Literature studies for new educational knowledge

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A collaborative project between the University library and the Department of Teacher Education involves several scholars engaged in utilizing the potentials that lies in literature studies and adjacent fields. The team strives for creating systematic overviews of educational research in a time where bibliometrics has become an important source for knowledge. The team work jointly on creating search strategies, analyzing and coding data and publishing results. An ongoing collaboration examines inequality in Nordic education.

Scoping reviews have become an increasingly popular approach for synthesizing research evidence and is suitable to map the existing literature in a field of interest in terms of the volume, nature, and characteristics of the primary research. They are commonly undertaken to examine the extent, range, and nature of research activity in a topic area; summarize and disseminate research findings; and identify research gaps in the existing literature.

NTNU University Library is a public scientific library, established in 1996 with the establishment of NTNU. The library, however, has roots back to the library of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters from 1768 and is thus the oldest scientific library in Norway. The library has recently been re-organized to enable even closer cooperation with the researchers at the University.

Our partners specialize in software that enables systematic reviews, qualitative and quantitative analysis of research data and publications. Examples include Rayyan, NVivo, Endnote and Bibliometrix. The collaboration has a main goal of utilizing the knowledge and expertise of researchers and librarians in combination, to ensure high quality overviews of trends within several educational research topics.


SCOP4NORDVET: Scoping Review of Research in Vocational Education and Training from and on the Nordics