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Bachelor Programmes

  • Nursing
  • Vocational Teacher Education

Professional Studies in Medicine 

  • The Doctor-Patient course extends over the first two years of the programme of professional studies in medicine. The goal is for students to build basic clinical skills such as communication and practical examination techniques, through meetings with patients, other medical students and actors (F-lab). Patient meetings challenge the overall competencies of the students and doctors. The course consequently puts an emphasis on knowledge, skills, and behaviour, and how these are integrated in realistic situations. Another important element in the student's overall competency is the relationship between the personal and the professional. The students are therefore given guidance concerning personal development. 
  • Thesis IIIA/IIIB: The aim of the thesis is to improve the student's scientific and problem-oriented thinking for life-long learning. 
  • IIIC is a semester devoted to environmental and community medicine. The core of the semester is a six-week placement in the municipal health services system. The Department of Public Health and Nursing is responsible for the course content of this semester.
  • IIID is a semester devoted to synthesizing former knowledge acquired over the course of the studies.  

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