S2M Conference

Published October 2016

World-famous Pr. Gideon Levy talking in front of SINTEF's presentation :-) Credits: Nathalie LabonnoteThe Smart Sustainable Manufacturing (S2M) conference was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bit of warmth in Lisbon, at the same time as meeting several world-known researchers in the field of additive manufacturing. Nathalie Labonnote participated in the workshop " Additive Manufacturing as key driver for future innovations ", together with people from Hong-Kong, France, Switzerland, Portugal and the Netherlands: a good update on many exciting projects, and slightly diverging definitions on what is smart and what is not :-)

Technology and Polymer days

Published September 2016

Many participants show up for hearing about opportunities for the polymer industry and the construction industry to work together through 3D printing.

The Norwegian Technology and Polymer days took place in Gjøvik the 20-21 of September. Nathalie Labonnote presented the opportunities for plastic 3D printing for the construction industry in front of 300 participants from the polymer industry. The presentation can be found here. Interest was substantial, and we hope to be able to further collaborate with plastic producers within the next future!

Tevas Knowledge Day

Published September 2016

The PrintShell example was well recieved by the audience!Nathalie Labonnote was an invited speaker to Tevas Knowledge Day the 15 of September in Bergen, Norway. Some 150 participants from the construction industry show up for hearing about the potential of additive manufacturing technologies in their everyday life.

Our review paper is published!

Published September 2016

Additive construction: State-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities

Our review paper entitled "Additive construction: State-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities" is published online, and covers about 100 references. It can be downloaded here. Or else contact Nathalie Labonnote for a personal copy. Enjoy reading!

Project proposal sent!

Published September 2016

Logo biobuildAfter some months of hard work, we sent in due time our project proposal related to the development of forest-based polymers for designing innovative building components. The proposal has been sent to the Norwegian Research Council of Norway, but we also collaborate with some prestigious international academic partners, among other ones UC Berkeley (USA), IAAC (Spain) and BOKU (Austria). Our Norwegian industry partners are Dynea, Hunton, Boregaard, and PLM technologies. We cross our fingers for the answer, expected in December! 

Trondheim Maker Faire at Solsiden

Published August 2016

PrintShell structure at Solsiden. Credits: Sophie Labonnote-Weber.The third annual Maker Faire at Solsiden in Trondheim was held on the 26th and 27th of August, 2016. Participants from the Conceptual Structural Design group contributed with a 3D printed pavilion “PrintShell”, designed by PhD candidates John Haddal Mork, Marcin Luczkowski and research assistant Steinar Hillersøy Dyvik.

Close-up photo of one of the PrintShell structure's unique joints. Credits: Sophie Labonnote-Weber.

The triangulated free-form shell structure, with a rather complicated shape, combines 3D printing and architecture. It consists solely of unique parts; 160 timber members and 61 3D printed joints. The light and strong joints are manufactured by the Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (Addlab) at NTNU Gjøvik (Norway).

More information about the project may be found in the norwegian press release.

WCTE conference (2016)

Published August 2016

John Haddal Mork as a scientist AND entertainer, during his presentation. The room was full! Credits: Nathalie Labonnote.Two of our papers were presented at the World Conference of Timber Engineering (WCTE 2016) this month in Vienna. Both about gridshells: "Numerical and experimental study of the structural performance of a gridshell", by Nathalie Labonnote et al., and "Introducing the segment lath – a simplified modular timber gridshell built in Trondheim", by John Haddal Mork et al. Very interesting to hear about the rest of the conference too! Proceedings to be available soon!

Innovation Norway funding for parametric models project

Published April 2016

Innovation Norway has decided to found our project for development of parametric models for design, production and building of modern timber constructions with 850000 NOK. The project is a cooperation between NTNU (two faculties), SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Moelven Limtre, and the city of Orkdal. The project is to start in May 2016 and will focus on the case study of two pedestrian timber bridges to be built in Orkdal.