Private housing


Private housing

In Trondheim, exchange students from EU/EEA are not guaranteed student housing. However, all students are normally allocated student housing in the spring semester. In the autumn semester, some EU/EEA exchange students will have to find housing on the private market. 

It is strongly recommended that you do not transfer any money before you have physically seen the room you want to rent. 'The roof over your head' allows you to come to Trondheim and search for housing after you have arrived. 

Good places to search for housing

Private student villages

General accommodation sites

Temporary housing in August

Avoid being scammed

Please keep this list of ‘red flags’ in mind to avoid being scammed by false landlords:

  1. The landlord says he is staying abroad for the moment and asks you to send the money to a foreign account.
  2. The landlord says she cannot show you the room/apartment, but the key will be sent to you once the deposit is transferred.
  3. The landlord asks for your credit card number.
  4. The rental is considerably lower than for a similar apartments/room in the same area
  5. Remember that the landlord and the tenant should visit the bank together to open a deposit account. Do not transfer the deposit into a private bank account.
  6. Never give your credit card number to anyone through email, phone or any other way.
  7. Try finding the house on Google Maps. The house in the map should match the pictures in the advertisement. If the house does not appear or another house is shown, the advertisement could be false.
  8. Also, please keep in mind: If something seems too good to be true – it usually is!

Let us know when you find housing

Let us know when you find housing

Please inform the Office of International Relations at as soon as you have found a room on the private market, so we can take you off our list.