Temporary housing


Temporary housing


Roof over your head accomodation

'Roof over your head' - 1 August to 6 September

International students arriving in Trondheim in the autumn or spring semester may apply for short term housing through Roof Over Your Head, if you for some reason do not have access to other accomodation.

Scandic Lerkendal Hotel

You can apply for a shared room or a single room at Scandic Lerkendal hotel from 1 August to 6 September, but note that you can only share a room with someone you know because of Covid-19. The offer includes breakfast, bedding and wireless internet. You also have the possibility to make a packed lunch for a fee. 

You should only book for the number of nights you think you need to avoid paying for the hotel when you find permanent housing.

See the Roof over your head website for more information.

Other temporary housing options

You may also find temporary housing at Trondheim Hostel. For temporary housing in the private market you may also try Couchsurfing and Airbnb.no.

10 Jul 2020