Student housing (Sit)

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Student housing (Sit)

Example of a student room at Moholt Student Village

In Trondheim, the Office of International Relations is responsible for allocating student housing to international students. Do not book a room before you have received an email with a booking code from the Office of International Relations. 

Eligibility for student housing

Please note that due to an increased demand related to COVID-19, NTNU cannot guarantee student housing for any students in the autumn semester 2020 or spring semester 2021. 

Eligibility for student housing

All international students are normally allocated student housing in the spring semester.  

In the autumn semester, there is not enough student housing to accommodate all. Some international students will therefore have to find private housing on their own:

  • Exchange and master´s degree students from the Nordic countries will not be considered for student housing. 
  • Master´s degree students already living in Norway will not be considered for student housing.
  • Exchange students from EU/EEA/Switzerland are not guaranteed student housing. Students who have applied within the deadline will be prioritized for housing before students who applied after the deadline. Further priority will be given to students coming from partner universities.





Type of rooms

The majority of students will be placed at Steinan or Moholt student village, which are the only student villages that are furnished. You will be given a single room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. There is normally a long waiting list for family and couples accommodation. The cheapest single rooms start at NOK 3400. 

How to book a room

You will receive housing information and a booking code from the Office of International Relations, which you will need to book a room at Sit. This information will be sent to you by email: 

  • Autumn semester: May/June
  • Spring semester: November/December

Housing deposit

In order to reserve your room at the student village, you will need to pay a housing deposit of NOK 5000 to Sit's account as stated in the contract. If you do not pay the deposit, Sit will cancel your booking and the Office of International Relations will allocate the room to another student. If this happens, you will have to arrange for private housing on your own.

Housing contract and start date

After you have received a booking code from the Office of International Relations and booked a room at Sit, you will receive a housing contract by email from Sit. All the essential housing information will be included in the contract. Please note that it might take some weeks before you receive this contract.

You will have to pay rent from the starting date stated in the contract. If your arrival is later than the starting date, you will still need to pay rent from this date. The housing contract for the autumn term usually starts in July/August. If you arrive before your housing contract starts, you should look into temporary housing



For questions about housing, please email: 

Q&A for moving in

Q&A for moving in

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