The presented prices are based on the intention to share the costs of the infrastructure among users. Prices are calculated as hourly rates based on total costs. Different prices will apply for internal (NTNU), external (academic, hospitals and non-profit institutions) and corporate users.

MR Core facility will subsidize internal NTNU projects with own efforts at different rates. Contact the MRCore manager for more information about levels of subsidies/own efforts and guidence on how to budget when applying for funding.

Contact us for more information before you apply for funding.

Use of the MR systems and supporting personnel will be charged on an hourly basis with lower costs for the MR systems in the weekends.

Accumulated bills will be sent monthly for all users. Note that all prices are exclusive VAT (MVA). VAT will charged all users outside of NTNU.

Prices will be subject to change.

Valid prices


Bidragspris (NTNU users and consortium partners)

Hourly rate in NOK without internal subsidy/own effort
MR systems Working days (8-22/ 8-8*) Weekends
Clinical 3T Skyra 1257**  
Pre-clinical 7T Biospec 1000*** 500
Pre-clinical PET-MR 1230*** 615
Minispec 60  
Andrew (HR-MAS) 800 400
Ernst (NMR) 500* 250
Radiograph 717**  
Scientific/technical assistance 600  

* The same cost applies for 24 hours per day for Ernst
** For use of the clinical MR system the cost for at least one radiograph must be added per hour
*** Costs for animal housing, use of operating room and hot lab will be additional when applicable.


Oppdragspris (Corporate users and economic activity)

Hourly rate in NOK
MR systems Working days (8-22/ 8-8*) Weekends
7T Biospec 1400 700
Minispec 80  
Andrew (HR-MAS) 1100 550
Ernst (NMR) 1100* 550
Scientific/technical assistance 1000  



mr core facility

Contact and Service Request

Contact and Service Request

Marius Widerøe, MD, PhD
Phone: +47 73 55 13 54
Mob: +47 40 23 19 23

Visiting address
MR Core Facility
Olav Kyrres gt 11, Trondheim

Postal address
MR Core Facility
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Post box 8905
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