Equipment and services

MR Core Facility offers service to support research needs for in vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy in disease models in small animals as well as MR metabolomics of human tissue samples and body fluids and ex vivo high resolution NMR spectroscopy. In addition to providing access to MR instruments, we can facilitate in areas such as experimental planning, MR-sequence optimization, training for MR-scanning and guidance with post-processing of MR data.


Most services require that the users run their own experiments after an initial period of training and set up of MR protocols where the MR Core Facility staff will assist.

  • In-vivo MR imaging of disease models in small animals (mainly rats and mice)
  • In-vivo MR spectroscopy (single voxel or chemical shift imaging) in small animals
  • High-resolution NMR spectroscopy for biological fluids and tissue samples
  • High-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) MR spectroscopy
  • Automation of NMR spectroscopy using Sample Jet
  • Probeheads for 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F, 15N, 23Na
  • Help to find the appropriate methods and soft-ware solutions for post-processing and data analysis of the acquired imaging and spectroscopy data


MR Equipment

7T Biospec MR core facility 7T biospec

  • Bruker Biospec 70/20 USR Avance III horisontal bore dedicated for MRI of small animals.
  • High performance shim and gradients: BGA-12S 660 mT/m
  • 72mm volume resonators for 1H, 1H/13C, 1H/23Na, 1H/31P
  • Phased array surface coils (1H) for rat head, mouse head and mouse heart
  • Quadrature surface coils for rat head (1H and 13C) and mouse head (1H)
  • 1H/19F Circular polarized small volume coil (Ø=40mm) for rat head/mouse body
  • Dedicated animal beds for rats and mice with in-build water heating.
  • Life monitoring system and trigger systems for respiratory and cardiac cycle.


ErnstMR core facility, Ernst

  • 600Mhz Bruker Avance III NMR spectrometer dedicated for biofluids
  • Automation with Sample Jet
  • Cryoprobe for 1H / [31P, 13C, 15N]





AndrewMR core facility, Andrew

  • 600Mhz Bruker Avance III NMR spectrometer dedicated for tissue samples.
  • Magic angle spinning (MAS) probeheads
  • Dual probehead: 1H / 13C
  • Triple probehead: 1H / [31P, 13C]





  • mq20 Bruker NMR analyzer for MR core facility, minispecrelaxation time measurements
  • 20MHz / 0.47T
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