User information and booking

User information and booking

Please contact us for an initial discussion on how your project can best benefit from our services. It is important to plan for the right study design, the optimal MR methods and post-processing in the early phase of a project, and the MR Core Facility will assist with this. After such an initial discussion we can also provide estimates on the resources and time needed for the project and costs. Such estimates will typically include a pilot phase with set up of MR protocols.


Clinical MR

Access to the clinical MR system is only granted to projects after approved application. Further information about access and user requirements for the clinical MR can be found here:

Access to clinical MR

Preclinical MR and NMR

New users

To use our facility/services you need to register as a user in iLab:

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You can find more information on the iLab booking system here.

Booking of instruments and services

Registered users can book instruments and request services through iLab:

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For users that have proper training and are able to run experiments on their own, use of the MR system is booked separately in accordance with the prevailing booking regulations.

For users that are in need of supporting personnel to assist in setting up and running the experiments and/or post-processing of MR data, booking of the MR system and supporting personnel need to be coordinated by the MR Core Facility staff.

Due to limited staff resources, most users will have to run their own experiments after an initial period of training and set up of MR protocols where the MR Core Facility staff will assist. Basic technical assistance and support will be provided by our staff as needed, but support and help with planning, setting up and running experiments have to be booked in agreement with the MR Core Facility Staff.

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Contact and Service Request

Contact and Service Request

Marius Widerøe, MD, PhD
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