Terms of Use for MR Core facility

By using our instruments and services you accept the following terms of use.

In General 

  • All users have a common responsibility for providing a good research environment that ensures optimal utilization of the equipment/methods and personnel.
  • Only properly trained users are allowed to use the equipment.
  • To use the services and equipment at a MR Core Facility, equipment and/or services must be booked using the booking system.
  • All work at the MR Core Facilities must be performed according to NTNUs Health, environment and safety (HMS) policy and MR Core Facility procedures.

Prices and agreements

  • The user pay for the equipment and services according to the price lists posted on the MR Core Facility web page
  • The presented prices are based on the intention to share the costs of the infrastructure among users. Prices for academic activities are subsidized through basic funding from the universities. Prices for industrial activities are based on a full‐cost approach.
  • Projects will be billed according to booked time and services.
  • MR Core Facility will contribute with own efforts for internal (NTNU) projects that will be refunded the project accounts in conjunction with billing. 

User responsibility

  • The user is responsible for being updated on and act according to the relevant, prevailing procedures and regulations at the MR Core Facility.
  • The user is responsible for:
    • proper handling of any biological and chemical materials.
    • approved animal application describing the experiments and proper animal handling and storing during the experiment.
    • Etichal approval for imaging involving humans.
    • necessary approvals according to Norwegian Law for handling human biological material and personal information.
    • For use of clinical MR, a list of all user responisbilities can be found here
  • All equipment and laboratory space shall be cleaned and set back to their standard set-up after running an experiment.
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Contact and Service Request

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