Booking regulations

The MR systems are booked on an hourly basis.

Booking of clinical MR

Only projects approved by the MR Core Facility Research commitee (Forskningsutvalg) will be allowed to book time on the clinical MR systems. The coordinator for clinical MR is responsible for coordinating booking of time on the system and radiograph and will do the actual booking in most projects. Contact the coordinator for clinical MR for information about booking. 
The available times for booking is shown in green below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

During school holidays opening hours will be to 15:15 only all days of the week.

Cancellation of booking

Booked time after 15:15 must be cancelled at least 1 week in advance, and booked time between 08:00 and 15:15 must be cancelled before 12:00 the day in advance. Otherwise the booked time will be charged to the project even if it is not used.


Booking of pre-clinical MR and NMR

Booking is with prices that are differentiated between the following periods:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 08-22 (for Ernst 08-08 next day)
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 08-22 (for Ernst 08-08 next day)

For 7T Biospec, Minispec and Andrew users that book the entire day (08-22) may use the night (22-08) for free.

Booking in advance

7T Biospec and Minispec: no more than 3 months in advance
Ernst and Andrew: no more than 6 weeks in advance

Maximum days in a row allowed

7T Biospec and Minispec: no limit

Ernst and Andrew:

no more than 4 consecutive working days and no more than 6 consecutive days when weekends are included.

not applicable if booked after 15:00 Wednesday the week before)

Larger projects that want to use Andrew or Ernst and are in need of more than 6 consecutive days or need to plan for more than 6 weeks in advance can contact the MR Core so that this can be coordinated and scheduled.

Cancellation of booking

7T Biospec and Minispec: up to one week before

Ernst and Andrew:

up to 3 weeks before

The MR Core Facility staff will supervise the booking system and will interfere if anyone's booking practice is considered unjust. Users will be informed about their bad booking practice, and advised on how to improve. If, despite of this, bad booking practice continues, the scientific leaders of MR Core Facility will be informed and actions towards the user will be considered.

Booking regulations will be subject to change.

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