Proteomics Analyses


protein structure and graphics of its LC-MS analysis


Types of analysis



PAGE band example


biomarker example

Post-translational modifications


Intact protein



Practical Information

Ideally, contact us at early stages regarding your proteomics analysis; if possible, before applying for funding so that we can help estimate the costs. Also, several projects aim at identifying/quantifying tricky proteins (low abundance, phosphorylated, highly hydrophobic etc.), we can help with advice on sample preparation steps so that achieving your aim is possible.


Typical contaminants that can affect your analyses:

- Detergents. (ipsum lorem)

- Salts. We usually remove them before injecting the sample into the instrument; however, if your sample have a lot, we might have to perform a clean-up before we perform our usual processing of your sample.

- Other proteins; (keratin)

- Other chemicals. (crappy plastic containers)






MS1 m/z (analogized, we can tell the difference between the mass of an airplane and airplane with a fly in it), LC retention time, MS2 spectrum. Constant quality control (of LC and MS) and robust processing and statistical analysis (not uncommonly the latter is double-checked by 2 different ways/solutions) and then...

meme of Western Blots beign asked by reviwers for LC-MS proteomic experiments