Dual career & spouse support

Dual career & spouse support

NIRS offers Dual career services as part of NTNU's strategy and effort towards recruiting and retaining the best academics. Dual career services aim to assist the partners/spouses of our international researchers with career planning and social integration.

Who qualifies for our services?

Partners/spouses of international researchers that are employed or guests 
at NTNU.

What do we offer?

  • Courses: "Applying for a job in Norway & Working with Norwegians" (spring & autumn )
  • Spouse network 
  • Counselling 
  • Job search support
  • Job interview coaching
  • Språk-kafe (Norwegian conversation group every week)
  • Partners/spouses are welcome to all social activities organised by NIRS

Social activities

  • International Coffee (each month)
  • Guided tour in Trondheim (various topics)
  • The city of knowledge (Kunnskapsbyen)
  • Skiing course (February)
  • Summer party (June)
  • Learn about Norwegian mushrooms (August - September)
  • Christmas gathering (December)

Contact person for Dual career services at NTNU:

International Senior HR Adviser, Iuliana Mariana Hussein

Email: iuliana.hussein@ntnu.no



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