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The European Union and Maritime Sustainability (EUSEAS)


EUSEAS is an interdisciplinary research group concerned with the sustainable management of EU oceans and seas. The research team includes researchers specializing in European history and politics, fisheries management, maritime transport, climate and energy policy, organizational studies, geography, and environmental governance.

The welfare and prosperity of Europe depends on the oceans, seas and coastal areas.
Therefore, the management and protection of maritime spaces has become a cornerstone of EU policy. Sustaining the integrity of the ocean’s ecosystems along with economic growth and social equity demands a shift in how the oceans and seas surrounding the EU are governed and protected. EUSEAS uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the complex interactions between the discursive, normative and practical dimensions of EU ocean governance and maritime sustainibility.

Research undertaken by EUSEAS members is organized around four interconnected work packages (WPs) and cross-cutting themes (CCTs).

Figure explaining EUSEAS workflow

The interdisciplinary project raises two research questions:

1) How have been/are the principles and goals of EU maritime sustainability represented, translated into norms and law, implemented across various policy areas, and addressed in governance?

2) How and to what extent is the EU’s discourse on sustainable development of maritime spaces reflected in their policies, legislation, and governance?

EUSEAS aims to build an international network to support its research goals and provide lasting contributions for sustainable EU ocean governance.

EUSEAS activity

EUSEAS funding

EUSEAS funding

EUSEAS received funding from NTNU Oceans for 2023.
This funding has enabled EUSEAS to hire a research assistant, support meeting expenses and facilitate communication of our goals to a wider audience.