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Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture

NTNU Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SeaLab)

NTNU's Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture provides a common arena and building for the research groups with focus on aquaculture, fisheries and the processing of marine resources.

NTNU has implemented a comprehensive initiative by providing joint facilities for the research groups that focus on aquaculture, fisheries and the processing of marine resources. This new centre is named NTNU Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture. SINTEF's Institutes of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Materials and Chemistry and Marine Environmental Technology are all located in the same building on the dockside close to Trondheim's city centre.

The ground floor has an extensive collection of laboratories for both seawater and freshwater applications. A huge hall is dedicated for work with trawling and fisheries equipment in connection with the NTNU research vessel that is docked right outside the building. The centre was planned from the start with an emphasis on flexibility concerning experimental setups and the use of laboratories and office space. A morphology/microscopy lab is found on the first floor together with offices and an office landscape for about 60 people. There is workspace for visiting scientists as well as PhDs, Post docs, master's students and scientists from all branches of NTNU who need full-time or part-time work space linked to fisheries and aquaculture.

The centre is intended to be a physical node and workshop for multidisciplinary marine cooperation between NTNU and SINTEF. At present, people from four of NTNU's seven faculties are working or studying in the centre.


AQUAEXCEL2020 project

Do you wish to use our highly automated start-feeding facilities free of charge?

The EU-funded AQUAEXCEL2020 project provides Transnational Access opportunities to the NTNU CodTech experimental facilities at SeaLab.

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Call 8 is now open (deadline 12 December)