Research infrastructure

Research infrastructure

NTNU offers a wide range of specialised facilities for use in marine research and education accessible to researchers, students and collaborative organisations. 

R/V Gunnerus

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NTNU's research vessel, R/V Gunnerus, was put into operation in spring 2006. The ship is fitted with a dynamic positioning system and a HiPap 500 unit, optimal for ROV operations and the positioning of any deployed equipment.

Marine Technology Centre (MTS)

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The diverse experimental laboratories at MTS provide a unique framework for research and education in topics related to hydrodynamics and marine structures. They are jointly used by NTNU and MARINTEK (SINTEF).

NTNU Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SeaLab)

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The Centre provides a joint multidisciplinary platform for aquaculture and fisheries research and education. It assembles researchers and students in the field of aquaculture biology and technology, fisheries, processing of marine resources, marine engineering, coastal community development and marine toxicology.

Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AUR-Lab)

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This centre, established in 2011, is a collaboration between research groups in cybernetics, regulation techniques, marine biology, marine archaeology, ICT and underwater technology. It develops new instruments and methods for marine monitoring and management through the use of ROVs and AUVs.

Ship Design and Operations Lab (ShipLab)

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The lab allows research on the design and behaviour of ships in an offshore maritime operation environment. Ships are modelled in a virtual environment, enabling the simulation of ship performances (motions, systems, propulsion) in real time.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory (UAV-Lab)

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A test facility for hardware and software including inertial navigation systems, global satellite navigation systems and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The UAVs are operated from Agdenes airfield located 90 km southwest of Trondheim (Google maps).

Trondhjem Biological Station (TBS)

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The station is located at seaside premises close to Trondheim. It is the centre for marine biological research at NTNU, offering good office and laboratory facilities, including in- and outdoor seawater tanks/basins and a pier.

Sletvik field station

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The station is located at the shore of the Bay of Hopavaagen, which functions as a natural experimental basin. It is ideal for eco-hydrodynamic and transport studies relevant for marine chemists, biologists, physicists and geologists. The Bay is also well suited for mesocosm experiments and for testing of instruments and monitoring devices.

Pressurized Titanium tank

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The Karl Erik Titanium Tank (KE-TiTank)offers a continuous monitoring of CO2 impact on the marine ecosystem under a fully controlled seawater flow rate, various CO2 fluxes, and various pressures (1 - 30 atm) conditions. Both primary and secondary effects of CO2 can be studied.

Marine Research Infrastructure in Trondheim (MaRIT)

Marine Research Infrastructure in Trondheim (MaRIT)

The Marine Research Infrastructure in Trondheim (MaRIT) offers an integrated research platform for multidisciplinary research and development related to Ocean Space Research. A MaRIT-consortium is under construction based on the infrastructural facilities in and around the Trondheimsfjord region.

The main agenda is to make the infrastructure of individual partner's easily accessible for the consortium partners, forming an integrated infrastructure for research and higher education within the Trondheimsfjord region. All core partners may include their components of research to the integrated facility.

If you are interested in joining the MaRIT consortium, to expand yor research activities and collaboration network, please contact Alexandra Neyts or send an email to

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Map of facilities

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