Monte Carlo simulations of coarse-grained biophysical systems

Monte Carlo simulations of coarse-grained biophysical systems

text_Monte Carlo simulations

Simple coarse-grain systems are developed to mimic and study the interaction of biological molecules resorting to Monte Carlo simulations. Systems of interest include the formation of polyplexes, condensation of macromolecules onto model lipid membranes and the condensation of DNA in model bacterial cells.


Polyelectrolyte complexesPolyelectrolyte complexes

Polyelectrolyte complexes (PEC) are relevant in biological and technological processes. Chromatin, the DNA-histone protein complex that composes the nucleus of cells, is probably the most study biological "polyelectrolyte complex".

Adsorption of macromolecules_text

Adsorption of macromolecules onto responsive surfaces

Protein and polymer adsorption onto lipid bilayers and monolayers is fundamentally interesting and has great importance in medicine, biology and technological applications such as biosensors, implants, food and pharmaceutical formulations.

06 Apr 2016