The TEM Gemini Centre currently has five Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM). Three JEOL instruments were installed as part of the NORTEM project in 2013: JEM-2100 (LaB6), JEM-2100F and a double corrected JEM-ARM200F, and in addition two older TEMs are still in use. We also have a well equipped sample preparation laboratory and computing facilities.

The Jeol TEMs are included in a Jeol Competence Centre. Three of the Jeol TEMs are part of the NORTEM project. Together the microscopes cover a broad range of techniques and access levels.

Ragnhild Sæterli working with the tripod polisher in the laboratory. Photo:

The group has a broad range of specimen preparation equipment for different materials and geometries. Our sample preparation lab is equipped with a broad range of tools necessary for obtaining high quality TEM specimens from various materials and in various geometries.


Computing facilities

We have a well equipped computer lab located in Realfagbygget 4th floor. The computer lab includes four computers specialized for tomography, ARM offline tools and ASTAR, while the final one is a more general use PC with a scanner attached. Programs include INCA and AZtec (for EDX analysis), JEMS, and various plugins for Digital Micrograph. We also have a mac with programs such as CrystalKit and MacTempas.