Department of Physics

Theory seminars

– Autumn 2017

1 September 2017 - Flavio Nogueira (Leibniz Institute in Dresden)

Place: E5-103

Time: 11:00


Duality between a three-dimensional topological Mott insulator and a topological superconductor.

Abstract: We consider a compact abelian Higgs model in 3+1 dimensions with a topological axion term and construct its dual theories for both bulk and boundary at strong coupling. The model may be viewed as describing a superconductor with magnetic monopoles, which can also be interpreted as a field theory of a topological Mott insulator. We show that this model is dual to a non-compact topological field theory of particles and vortices. It has exactly the same form of a model for superconducting cosmic strings with an axion term. We consider the duality of the boundary field theory at strong coupling and show that in this case θ is quantized as −8πn/m where n and m are the quantum numbers associated to electric and magnetic charges. These topological states lack a non-interacting equivalent.

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